Freeze Sleeve Flat Pak Black

  • VERSATILE¬†-¬†The Freeze Sleeve Flat Pak can be used to cool down your core temperature, reduce swelling and inflammation, and provide overall relief to aching muscles and joints.
  • COVERAGE¬†-¬†Large 12" X 17" Flat Pak to cover various parts of the body
  • TREATMENT¬†-¬†Provides the recommended 15-20 minutes of cold therapy treatment, without risk of burning or damaging the skin.
  • CLEAN¬†-¬†Specially formulated with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial gel that eliminates odors and is non-toxic.
  • SAFE¬†-¬†Safe to use on various parts of the body, and in conjunction with other treatment products including compressed air massagers and muscle stimulators.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS -¬†Do NOT get the Freeze Sleeve Flat Pak wet, ever!¬† Always store the Freeze Sleeve Flat Pak in a plastic bag while in the freezer.¬† Store in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours before use.¬† Turn your freezer down to it's coldest setting for maximum cold therapy.

The Freeze Sleeve Flat Pak is proudly made in the USA!